Can you imagine how a rolling suitcase with a broken wheel sounds on a snowy spit-covered road? The sound of things often tells us whether they are still running smoothly or not. Click on the picture for more and read the hole story of Ursinas’s rolling suitcase.


On the 25th birthday Ursina got from her parents a rolling suitcase of the brand Samsonite as a gift. It was a very great and high-quality model, therefore probably not quite cheap. For a good 30 years, this suitcase was her faithful companion on countless trips and adventures. It was the perfect size for her. Then on a snowy sidewalk it happened! The outer rubber layer of one wheel crumbled. The suitcase was still rolling, but now the hard plastic wheel on one side was running directly on the road. It was only a matter of time before this happened to the other wheel as well. The suitcase itself was still in best condition, but with the rolling it was of course over. No problem, she thought at first, after all it was a good brand that surely also repairs suitcases. But that was not the case. Upon request, she was told, with condolences, that they no longer carried spare parts for this model, but they had great new models on offer. But disposing of the beloved case and buying a new one was out of the question for Ursina. So she asked me if I could help her to repair the case.

The solution: quickly two inline skate wheels was organized. However, the holder in which the wheel axle (new a screw) runs, had to fit exactly. After measuring, the parts were drawn in CAD and then produced on the 3D printer. But that’s what 3D printers were invented for. The total printing time required was 51 minutes. Now operate with handcraft skills and the case was like new again. Like new? No, in fact it is now better than new, Ursina says proudly. More and more people are discovering that it is possible to repair appliances and loved items. In any case, Ursina’s suitcase rolls smoother on the new wheels, which she likes even better today than before.

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