Creating a personalized keychain is a perfect task for beginners to learn a simple CAD software as well as the operation of the 3D printer. He becomes a powerful tool when you can easily draw your visions and bring them immediately into the physical world.


TARGET LEVEL cantonal school
IDEAL AGE 12-19 years
GROUP SIZE 18-25 people
DURATION half a day
REQUIREMENTS computer skills, bring your own device

+ Learn the 3D printing workflow
+ Draw a keychain in a simple CAD
+ Know where to ask and use 3D printer

We start with the 3D printing workflow and first learn all the necessary steps from the 3D data model to the finished print. With TinkerCAD we have a free and user-friendly software at our disposal. The PDF documentation from FabLab Luzern gives a good overview and explains what should be considered when drawing in CAD. After downloading the STL file, we continue in the slicer. Here the setting for the 3D printer is set up and the G-code is generated. And the 3D printer can already be started. For those who want to know more, books and video links are available, as well as a quiz.