SONIC RESEARCH by Chris Schuermann is an open knowledge platform that collects, describes and shares his discoveries and works. As teacher and artist in the field of sound design and aesthetic research he primarily understand sound as material for shaping space and time. He explores oscillations, resonances, feedback and noise between sound art and electronic music.

Rooted in the local DIY-Maker scene, Chris Schuermann is concerned with social topics such as open source, repairing, sharing economy, do-it-yourself, which he also addresses in his artistic work. Most of his instruments and sound installations are Handmade Electronics i.e. self-made, soldered and tinkered. In the interplay between sound, environment and nature, he searches for answers to social challenges and changes.

The mycelium as a symbol of the functionality of this website is fitting. A constantly growing underground network that contaminates at the same time as it connects everything. The individual contributions of the blog are like the delicious fruits that sprout from the ground. These are to be discovered and then enjoyed. You simply choose a storyline from the menu and navigate yourself (with the keywords below the post titles) criss-cross through the buzzing and sounding universe + stay curious! +